Rate Chart with effect from 01st Jan 2016

DAILY ADS Rs.30,000/- Rate is on a monthly basis. Each Advertisement to get 4 spots in a day of 30 seconds each.
DAILY ADS Rs. 20,000/- Rate is on a monthly basis. Each advertisement to get 4 spots in a day of 20 seconds each.
PROGRAM / MOVIE – SPONSORSHIP Rs. 6,500/- Rate is per episode, further discounting to be provided for bulk episode booking. This advertisement is for EXCLUSIVE sponsorship, no other advertisements will be shown during breaks
MAJALIS SPONSORSHIP Rs. 2,500/- Per Majalis
N.G.O. PACKAGE SPECIAL To be considered on a case to case basis at approximately 50% discount
PRIME SLOT ADS Rs. 14,000/- Special prime time advertisement slots will be provided. Advertiser to get 1 spot in a day of 20 seconds per month.
CLASSIFIED ADS Rs. 3,000/- 4 Still ads featuring for 20 seconds , to be shown 4 times a day
FLASH ADS Rs. 4,500/- Special advertisement will be flashed on screen corner during regular programmes. Each advertisement will be displayed for 5 seconds for 4 times during prime time (non-sponsored shows)
AD MAKING CHARGES Depends on type of advertisement



  • All payments need to be made in advance in favour of Win TV Pvt. Ltd.
  • AD Making charges are waived off for 6 Months and Annual Packages