1.      GOD an Islamic Perspective by Seyyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi

2.      PROPHET MUHAMMED (p.b.u.h) A Brief Biography (English / Hindi)

3.      The Commander of the Faithful ALI BIN ABI TALIB (a.s) (Part 1, 2 & 3)

4.      The Truthful Lady FATIMA AL-ZAHRA (s.a)

5.      IMAM HASAN BIN ALI (a.s)

6.      IMAM HUSSEIN BIN ALI (a.s) (English / Hindi)

7.      IMAM ZAIN AL-ABIDEEN (a.s) (English / Hindi)

8.      IMAM AL-BAQIR (a.s)

9.      IMAM AL-SADIQ (a.s)

10.  IMAM AL-KADHIM (a.s)

11.  IMAM AL-RIDHA (a.s)

12.  IMAM AL-JAWAD (a.s)

13.  IMAM ALI AL-HADI (a.s)

14.  IMAM AL-ASKARI (a.s)

15.  IMAM AL-MAHDI  (a.t.f.s)

16.  The Return of Al-Mahdi translated by S. S. Akhtar Rizvi

17.  Imamate the Vicegerency of the Prophet (Eng / Hindi) by S. S. Akhtar Rizvi

18.  The Twelve Successor by Sayed Murtaza Askari

19.  The Meaning of Islam (English / Hindi)

20.  The Quran in Islam by Allamah Sayyid M. H. Tabatabai

21.  Excerpts from Nahjul Balaghah

22.  The Faith of Shia Islam by Muhammed Rida al-Muzaffar

23.   Woman in the Quran (English / Hindi) compiled by Imran Rasool

24.  Why Polygamy is allowed in Islam by Ahmed H. Sheriff

25.  Justice of God (English / Hindi) by S. S. Akhtar Rizvi

26.  Verse of Purification (English / Hindi) by Sayed Murtaza Askari

27. Dharm Kya hai (Hindi) by Kamber Asadi

28. Seeker of Truth by Kamber Asadi

29. The Family life of Islam (English / Hindi) by S. S. Akhtar Rizvi

30. Al Abbas (p.b.u.h.) compiled by Badr Shahin

31. Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia by Ustad Abdus Samad

32. The Great Muslim Scientist Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammed as-Sadiq (a.s.)

33. Imam Husain - The Leader of the entire Humanity by M. H.  Khurshed

34. The Missing Link by Haroon Abdullah

35. Jehad by Ayatollah Morteza Mutahhari

36. Islamic Teachings by Allamah Sayyid M. H. Tabatabai

37. Weeping for the Dead by Sayed Murtaza Askari

38. Building of Tombs by Sayed Murtaza Askari

39. Justice of the Companions by Sayed Murtaza Askari

40. Infallibility of the Prophets & Messengers by Sayed Murtaza Askari

41. Women in Islam v/s The Judaeo by Sharif Muhammed

42. The Quran - Its protection from Alteration by S. S. Akhtar Rizvi

43. My Dear Son translated by Ali A. Behzadnia / M.D. Salwa Danny

44. Let us understand each other by Abdul Hadi A. Hameed Saleh

45. Reflections of a New Muslim by Diana (masooma) Beatty

46. Shafa'at - Intercession compiled by Syed Abbas Abedi




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